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Campus Facilities

Computing Labs

Students have access to state of the art, advanced computer labs throughout the week from 8am to 8pm providing access to Microsoft Office applications, the internet, multimedia applications and specialist software as required by their individual courses/modules along with information that helps with studies and online access.

Bio Medical Lab

The aim biomedical laboratory scientists that would perform successfully in all the fields of medical laboratories and have the ability for professional self-development. The biomedical laboratory scientist performs quality laboratory tests, including patient/client preparation for testing, assures patient personal and environmental safety during the performance, as well as quality of laboratory work.

Engineering Lab

The engineering is proud of its state of the infrastructure and qualified faculty and support staff, its aim is to provide the students a perfect blend of intellectual and practical experiences that help them to serve the society and address a variety of needs. Students have good opportunity to understand the technology through the equipment in the labs. This enables them to be socially conscious and technologically skilled and contribute towards solving socially relevant technical problems. The laboratories provide the students with a practical application of the studied curriculum.


The Health Science laboratory scientists, sometimes referred to as clinical laboratory scientists or medical technologists, are key to develop members of the health care team. There is opportunity to study and practice of diagnostic medicine by generating accurate and reliable test results. The results provide valuable information to understand the world of health science better.


Provides ample support, services and information for your studies, with up to date collection of select text books and printed media related to the modules of study.

Student Activities

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Sport and recreation

ACBT has a range of special interest and recreation clubs and activities on campus, facilitated by the ACBT Student Council. Sports clubs include Cricket, Rugby, Basketball, Football, etc.

  • Sports activities- Basketball, Cricket, Rugby etc.
  • Societies – Student Council, Rotaract club which organize various recreation activities (get-togethers, charity projects, CSR projects, career development programs etc.)