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ACBT Advanced Diploma
Advanced Diploma of Applied Science

Units offered in Advanced Diploma of Applied Science

 Year 1
Code Unit name Unit Credit Status
SCN1101 Fundamentals of Laboratory Techniques 15 Core unit
SCN1102 Scientific Data Handling Approaches and Techniques 15 Core unit
SCN1103 Regulation and Quality in the Applied Sciences 15 Core unit
SCN1104 Inorganic Chemistry 15 Core unit
SCN1205 Organic Chemistry 15 Core unit
SCN1206 Physical Chemistry 15 Core unit
SCN1207 Fundamentals of Biochemistry 15 Core unit
SCN1208 Managing Scientific Projects 15 Core unit
ELE1209** English Language Enhancement 0 Core unit

Year 2
Code Unit name Unit Credit Status
SCN2110 Analysis of Scientific Data and Information 15 Core unit
SCN2111 Applied Sciences Research Project 15 Core unit
SCN2112 Further Analytical Chemistry 15 Core unit
SCN2113 Aromatic and Carbonyl Compounds 15 Core unit
SCN2114 Solid State and Transition Metal Chemistry 15 Core unit
SCN2215 Principles of Pharmacology 15 Core unit
SCN2216 Drug Development for Production 15 Core unit
SCN2216 Science Laboratory Management 15 Core unit
SCN2218* Internship project 0 Core unit